For my final video project I decided to follow the story of my younger brother and his basketball journey.

Carlos Vázquez is a class of 2024 basketball prospect playing for Wayne Country Day School and East Carolina Phenomz. The 6’5” guard/forward is a highly talented individual with tremendous upside. His ability to handle the ball, score from three levels, and play-make for him and his teammates coupled with his 200 lb frame and length makes him an intriguing prospect.

This short video documentary takes the audience through the journey of this young basketball hopeful and provides insight into his ambitions and goals.

“Yes, I would love to play basketball at the next level. But if that doesn’t work out then I still have plenty of other interests I want to pursue in life,” said Carlos Vázquez.

Whether he is on or off the court, Carlos Vázquez will continually strive to become a better player, student, friend and son. This basketball prospect will continue his recruitment this summer as he will be attending various tournaments with many college coaches present.

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6’5 2024 Carlos Vazquez (Eastern Carolina Phenomz/Wayne Country Day School)

“Carlos should have a productive summer, as well as an overall productive junior season for Wayne Country Day. The aggressive, attacking wing makes good use of his size/length well when extending at the rim. The multi-faceted leader puts in effort on both ends, and is continuing to refine his rebounding capabilities.”

2024 Carlos Vazquez (Eastern Carolina Phenomz):

“Vazquez has been impressive every time we have seen him and with his travel ball team, we get to see more of his game and exactly just what he can do. We have known his production and impact on the boards from his high school season but with Phenomz, he really gets a chance to show how versatile he can be, how he can step out and handle while creating for himself. Vazquez knows how to use his body, get to the basket, and finish but also make plays in a variety of other ways.”