Basketball Experience

Basketball has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. At a young age I used the sport as a means of expressing myself, I soon found that the game instilled an unwavering confidence within me. The game challenged me in many ways: mentally, academically, physically, socially and emotionally. For me the game of basketball represents life and its many challenges. A quote by my favorite player Kevin Durant states, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” I live my life by this message, the message the game instilled in me.

UNC Club

I have been a member of the UNC Club Basketball team for one season and plan to be for the next two years. Being a part of this team is much more than simply playing basketball, it is a family built on empowering one another. A tremendous support system is the basis of what makes the club sport experience a pertinent piece of my life.


  • 1st place at UNC Home Tournament
  • 2nd place at NC State Tournament

High School & Travel

During my freshman to senior year of highschool is where I experienced the most growth while playing basketball. I was a four year varsity athlete for my highschool team and played for a travel team during the summer. The countless workouts, early morning games, wins and losses are some of the factors which helped define my character. The amount of friends, support, hate, doubt and personal growth I experienced during this time is something I would not trade for anything.


  • 4-year Varsity Athlete
  • AAU Basketball League All-American ’19-’20
  • Qualified for AAU Nationals at ESPN Wide World of Sports
Pre-game warm up dunk