Who is Fernando Vázquez

I am Fernando Vázquez, a class of 2024 student studying Advertising and Public Relations at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Throughout my life, there have been many events which have led me to attending this university but the number one reason is my mom. Growing up we didn’t have much, with my dad away all the time it was mostly my mom, brother and I. While this dynamic definitely had its challenges, being placed in that position is what has allowed me to grow into the person everyone sees today. Humility, dedication, loyalty, gratitude, empathy and humor are the cornerstones of my character and make up the mantra I live by. An urge to provide for my family led to hard work inside of the classroom, at work, and ultimately led to me choosing Carolina as my home for the next four years. Outside of academics, sports have always been my passion. Ever since I was young I have always been entranced in the world of sports, specifically basketball. This love for the game has transferred over to the university as I am a member of the UNC Men’s Club Basketball Team. Outside of academics and sports I tend to spend most of my time either relaxing by myself or hanging out with my friends. I would describe myself as a laid back individual who focuses on maintaining a good environment around him; I am not slow to cut out people or situations that take away from my happiness. Overall, I am just a student, friend, man, and most importantly son, looking to leave his impact on the world.

Prior Experience & Leadership

  • Sales and Marketing Internship: Thompson Buckhead
  • Shaka Taco: Restaurant: Employee (4 years)
  • Student Ambassador Topsail High School: Co-President (2 years) and Member (4 years)
  • UNC Club Basketball: Member (1 year)
  • American Advertising Federation College Chapter: Member (1 year)
  • High School Basketball: Captain (1 year), Member (4 years)
  • Amateur Athletic Association Travel Basketball: Captain (3 years), Member (3 years)


  • Promote engagement, growth of business through the usage of innovate social media posts
  • Facilitate a supportive environment predicated on communication, trust and teamwork
  • Coordinate meetings and outside events: Career Fair, Orientation, Volunteer Events
  • Establish measurable performance metrics to improve administrative processes and objectives
  • Polished interpersonal skills necessary for engaging with team members, partners and clients